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Exchange Hosting - Business Class e-Mail

In today's business environment e-mail is Mission Critical and being without it is not an option. If you are still using a public e-mail address such as or you're not being taken seriously by your customers!

Imagine having ... Wow! Yes ... We can make it happen with Exchange Hosting with a very user friendly webmail interface to use from anywhere in the world and it even works with popular e-mail programs such as Outlook and Entourage for a low cost!  Best of all your company will be able to share calendars, create mailing / distribution lists, and if you have a computer crash be back up within a matter of minutes, not hours.  With this type of hosting you can have your e-mail, contacts and calendars even sync with your smartphone. An instant backup for your phone of the most priceless data!

*We also offer compliant archiving for e-mail that is required by law for many industries. HIPPA compliant and secure encryption also available.

Don't let your e-mail be managed by just a web host.  Get professional hosting today and never worry about a computer crashing again.

Call us today for a quote and ask about our FREE 30 day trial!

  Backup Services
C O D E  4 2 | CrashPlan Secure Backup Managed by eGeekMD LLC

Home or Business eGeekMD LLC has teamed up with Code 42 the makers of CrashPlan.  We monitor so you don't have to and fix the problems for you!

$17.00 Per Computer / Per Month for Unlimited Backup & Revision history.

Have you ever wondered what your day would be like the moment you realized your hard drive has crashed and all of your important documents, photos and internet favorites were now gone forever?  What bout knowing that the small chance of getting it back could cost a whole bunch of money?

Yikes!  Don’t worry this is only a “What If”, this doesn’t have to be a reality.  With eGeekMD LLC now offering online continuous backup, when you do any of the following we’ll back up immediately.

  • Download Photos from your Camera

  • Save an attachment from an e-mail

  • Update a Document or create a new document and save it

  • Add an Internet Bookmark for your favorite website

  • Complete your yearly taxes with your favorite tax program

  • Or anything else that is worth your time saving …

Facts About Hard Drives and Backups:

  • Standard Hard Drives are engineered to last typically about 4 years.

  • Data Recovery on a failed hard can cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

  • Hard Drives having moving parts just like a car, eventually they need replacing.

  • External hard drives are still standard hard drives in a case … Its not if they fail but when.

  • Like any backup, the backup is only as good as its last update.

  • Writing to CD or DVDs (Especially Re-Writeable) Degrade with time and environmental elements such as sunlight and storage conditions.

  • With today’s digital age, more and more photos are digitally produced.

eGeekMD LLC has teamed up with a professional in online cloud backup services that use Military grade encryption to make sure your data is safe and only you have access to it.  If your computer fails we re-install the software and perform a restoration of all you cherished memories.